Liberty "On-Board" Expendables List

The following standard expendables are carried on-board each of the Liberty Lighting Grip Trucks. If you require more than a half roll of any gel or diffusion or large amounts of any expendable, please let us know in advance so we may stock sufficient quantities.

Specialty Expendables available upon request.

Gels & Duffusion
CTO Full/Half/Quarter/Eighth
CTB Full/Half/Quarter/Eighth
Minus Green Full/Half/Quarter/Eighth
Plus Green Full/Half/Quarter/Eighth
ND 1.2, 9, 6, 3 [extra wide upon request]
Opal (Lee 410)
Full Hampshire Frost (Lee 253)
Assorted Party Gels (by the sheet)

Tapes & Misc
Black Paper Tape (Pro Grade) 1 and 2 inch
Gaffer Tape (Pro Grade) 2 inch Grey and Black
Camera Tape (Pro Grade) 1 inch
J-Lar 2 inch
Cable Path Tape (Tunnel Tape)
Trick Line Spool
Blackwrap 12 & 24 inch
Sash #8 & #10
Plastic Sheeting
Dulling Spray
Clothes Pins
Foamcore (4x8 b/w)
Beadboard (4x8)
Showcards b/w, matte & shinny silver and gold
Assorted Practical Tungsten & Daylight Bulbs
Assorted Electrical Connectors/Zip Cord
Upson Board

Lumber (see truck equipment lists) [pay-as-used, if cut]