Liberty 3 Ton Grip Truck

Liberty Lighting Grip Trucks

Liberty Lighting Trucks are priced two ways; "Complete" and "Grip Only". With the "Complete" truck the entire tungsten package is included (see individual truck lists). "Grip Only" is the truck w/o the tungsten lighting for days when only HMI's or Kino's are required. However, we do not remove the tungsten package from our trucks, so should your equipment needs suddenly change, the tungsten lights remain at the ready.

We can also provide you with a competitive quote on additional Lighting and Grip Items, including; Dollies, Track, HMI's, Kinoflo, Dimmer Racks, Generators, Butterflies and a host of specialty lighting and grip. If we don't have it, we'll get it and always at an extremely competitive price thanks to our long standing vendor relationships. We do our best to provide our clients with "One Stop Shopping", including crewing the job, if requested.

3 - Ton Lighting and Grip Truck "Complete" $595/day (3-Ton Inventory List)
3 - Ton Lighting and Grip Truck "Grip Only" $450/day

5 - Ton Lighting and Grip Truck "Complete" $795/day
(5-Ton Inventory List)
5 - Ton Lighting and Grip Truck "Grip Only" $595/day

Prices do not include tax, labor, gas, tolls, or expendables (pay-as-used). Please note these are not "List Prices" but our everyday discounted "street" prices. For longer jobs, please contact us about additional discounts.

Labor rates vary by project, but our typical Gaffer rates are $600/10, plus standard Overtime rates.

Our Gaffers drive our Grip Trucks so there is no need to pay someone just to sit with the truck all day. Since we drive our Grip Trucks, our rates are portal-to-portal, which includes the
actual drive time to/from location from our shop in Brooklyn, NY 11215. For additional information on Liberty Lighting Policies, see the fine print.

We provide expendables on a pay-as-used basis. We do not force you to buy a whole roll or even a quarter roll. Gell and diffusion are priced by the yard, blackwrap, by the foot, etc. You are always free to provide some or all of own expendables. If you require more than a partial roll, please be sure to let us know.
Click here for compete on-board Truck Expendables List.