John Roche

few more updates....

My partner Ned Hallick gaffed while I worked as Key Grip on a Promo for the new Lipstick Jungle TV show.

Two cool things: my new iphone arrived and I got to work with
Mo Rocca (again) doing man in street for Bank of America.
You must check out Mo on one of my favorite podcasts, the PBS
"Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me" radio show. bad

Busy year already around the Liberty Lighting Shop. My bad for not updating the work blog since last August.
Here is a small collection of Pics to bring us up to date....

From Last summer, interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Costas at Kareem's Harlem home; part of a
documentary based on his book "On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance"

(left) DP Mr. Rossi mans the triple threat on last summers ABC Soap Promos. (right) And so it goes... when i was in college I spent many
a late night watching Linda Ellerbee. What a treat to cover my friend, gaffer Kevin Hunt on a Lucky Duck Productions Shoot for Nick News.

Pre light day on CBS Holiday Promos, working as Best Boy for our good friend and Gaffer Phillip Sorensen.

Flying Karamazov Brothers - DVD Shoot


Still taken by DP Mark Raker on a shoot I gaffed for the "Flying Karamazov Brothers" new DVD. Lots of great fire effects and a lighting challenge given the small budget and minimal crew.

It's a bird, It's a plane...

Lance Thunderbolt
No... It's Lance Thunderbolt doing promos for Sci-fi Networks second season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" Here on the grounds of the Super Agent Institute, DP Gary Nardilla and Dolly Grip Stian Nilsen capture the art of leaping and bounding. Just out of frame, I'm doing super human gaffing... DOH!

HBO - Cathouse: The Musical

My partner Ned Hallick just returned from a two week stint as Gaffer/Lighting Director for HBO's "Cathouse: The Musical (working title). Shot in an old opera house outside Reno with DP Tom Hurwitz.
Cat House Slideshow - 06Cat House Slideshow - 09
"Build Day 1" and view of completed set.

Cat House Slideshow - 15Cat House Slideshow - 29
Two views from the working set...

Cat House Slideshow - 44Cat House Slideshow - 10
Neal Brown 2nd Camera w/ DP Tom Hurwitz and Ned Hallick; Gaffer/LD Ned Hallick at the controls.

Still Photographers

Yes, we occasionally do still photo shoots. Recently, there appears to be a trend of still photographers working with "Hot Lights" as opposed to stobes, or hot lights in combination with stobes. My work with still photographer Stewart Cohen is a good example of this.

Two images of scenes lit w/ HMI, supplemented w/ strobe. Image on the left also uses a 400 Joker HMI Bug-A-Beam thru a ETC Source 4 Leko w/ pattern.

(L) Twilight shot supplemented with soft HMI gelled with CTB & magenta. (R) Night shot w/ HMI back edge and Kinoflo w/ Double Full CTO.

One last image, again using HMI hot lights...

All photos copyright 2007 Stewart Cohen Pictures

Made in Eureka - Lighting a fake infomercial...

Made in Eureka 01

This week I was Lighting Director for a series of spoof infomercials for the Sci-Fi Network's show "Made in Eureka". Three promo spots made in conjunction with Citicam Productions, shot at Cinemaworld Stages in Brooklyn, New York. Should one really claim "Lighting Director" credit on an infomercial? EUREKA! [APPLAUSE]

Green Screen - Redux

I finally got some photos (courtesy Jake Sauerbrey) of the Nike Green Screen Spot I gaffed for DP Brian O'Carroll last year. The spot required a very dramatic look, always difficult when shooting green screen. Below, two views of a 360 degree dolly move around talent. You can view the two completed Nike spots on our "Reel" page.

AllPics 472
AllPics 471

Sesame Street


Gaffer John Roche and Best Furry Boy Murray; Cobble Street Park, Brooklyn

Multi Camera Interviews - "The Good Shepherd"

IMG_0002 D2116
We do a fair amount of multi-camera interviews. This one was 5 cameras with Diane Sawyer interviewing Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie for an ABC segment discussing the movie "The Good Shepherd".

Barbara Walters Special

BW 2006
Green Screen Wrap-A-Rounds for Barbara Walters Special; LD Chuck Lofthouse; Sony Studio Main Stage.

I have done a lot of large and small scale green screen set ups this year. This one I did today was fairly straight forward but you can check out the Nike spots I did earlier this year with DP Brian O'Carroll on our Reel Page. For those we needed a much more dramatic look, with very hard edges and bodies in silhouette. We were saved, in part, due to the much improved post process - they can pull a matte from almost anything these days....

Home on the Range; in Queens

Believe it or not, there exists a 47 acre farm located in Queens NYC. The Queens County Farm Museum dates back to 1697 and is the longest continuously farmed site in New York State. It served as our location for a Sesame Street Music Video "Elmo's Favorite Country Songs". Although not technically challenging by music video standards (we worked primarily with available light) the sun was out and it proved to be a fantastic November day. John Popper (Blues Traveler) and John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) were the featured perfomers.
The video was produced and directed by Mustapha Kahn and shot by cinematographer Marc Kroll.
jake and john
Key Grip Jake Sauerbrey and Gaffer John Roche

End of Summer

Sadly I only made it to the beach once this summer and it was for work with Texas photographer Stewart Cohen. Somedays it's just a piece of beadboard and a warm breeze.... life could be worse.

Dinosaur Hunters Imax 3D Shoot

This past week I was gaffing the NYC segment of the 3D Imax feature film "Dinosaurs Alive!". The principal crew had just returned from weeks of shooting in Mongolia. We shot 5 days at the Musuem of Natural History in NYC with DP William Reeve, CSC at the helm.
IMAX 002IMAX 001
Photos of the Imax 3D "Solido" camera, about the size of a small fridge. Best Boy Electric, Burke Heffner mans the fridge.

IMAX 004IMG_0024
Left shows rear of Imax 3D "Solido" Rig; on the right a dual 35mm 3D rig with twin Arri's.
35mm Rig on Chapman Hybrid. DP William Reeve, CSC; 1st AC & Camera Op Dylan Reade
35mm Imax twin Arri rig on Mike Vazquez's Panther Crane above the T-Rex. The Solido Imax 3D rig with remote head at close to 600 pounds proved to be too bulky for tight moves around a sea of glass. Line Producer, Bruce Elfstrom (founder of OverlandExperts) informs me the next Imax gig is in Siberia... in January. Think I'll take a pass, January sucks bad enough here in NYC.