Sep 2006

Dinosaur Hunters Imax 3D Shoot

This past week I was gaffing the NYC segment of the 3D Imax feature film "Dinosaurs Alive!". The principal crew had just returned from weeks of shooting in Mongolia. We shot 5 days at the Musuem of Natural History in NYC with DP William Reeve, CSC at the helm.
IMAX 002IMAX 001
Photos of the Imax 3D "Solido" camera, about the size of a small fridge. Best Boy Electric, Burke Heffner mans the fridge.

IMAX 004IMG_0024
Left shows rear of Imax 3D "Solido" Rig; on the right a dual 35mm 3D rig with twin Arri's.
35mm Rig on Chapman Hybrid. DP William Reeve, CSC; 1st AC & Camera Op Dylan Reade
35mm Imax twin Arri rig on Mike Vazquez's Panther Crane above the T-Rex. The Solido Imax 3D rig with remote head at close to 600 pounds proved to be too bulky for tight moves around a sea of glass. Line Producer, Bruce Elfstrom (founder of OverlandExperts) informs me the next Imax gig is in Siberia... in January. Think I'll take a pass, January sucks bad enough here in NYC.